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Welcome to Boy Scout Troop 82's Webpage

Welcome to Boy Scout Troop 82.  We are chartered by and meet at Cheyenne Mountain VFW Post 3917.  Meetings are every Wednesday from 6:30 until 8 PM. VFW Post 3917 is located at 4715 Clearview Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80911.

Scouting educates young men and prepares them for life. Troop 82 has two primary objectives: 1) Provide a safe controlled environment where all scouts can have fun and 2) Develop and improve effective two-way communications. Generally speaking, a scout will get out of scouting what he puts into scouting. T82 has a long history of helping scouts attain Eagle Scout and beyond, but it is up to each scout to get out of scouting what he wants.


The four aims or goals of Scouting are:

·         Character Building: Character is how a boy defines himself, his qualities, values, beliefs, and his personal worth. Scouting builds a boy's character by emphasizing the Scouting values along with his religious beliefs and reverence toward God, his respect for others, and by his experiences in nature. Troop 82 strives to build self-confidence and self-reliance through BSA values and practicing the Scout Oath and Scout Law


·         Citizenship: Citizenship is more than knowledge of one's country's history and government. Scouts learn the full meaning of citizenship by working in Patrols and within the Troop. The knowledge and skills gained through the advancement program and service projects required for rank advancement reinforce teamwork and selfless service


·         Personal Fitness: Personal fitness improves mental, emotional, spiritual as well as physical fitness. Troop 82 strives to add to a scout's personal fitness program through the outdoor and advancement programs, his relationship with scouts and adult leaders, endeavoring to serve his God and the satisfaction of completing the challenges Scouting provides


·         Leadership Training: Leadership within Troop 82 may seem disorganized. On the contrary! Troop 82 is a boy-led, boy-run troop and perhaps a boy's first experience working with peer supervision, leadership and accountability. Many of today's military and business leaders learned their leader-traits and developed their self-confidence in Boy Scouts