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Cub Scout Pack 4107
(Green Bay, Wisconsin)
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PACK 4107--Howard, Wisconsin

HEY!!!  We welcome any volunteers!!  Any time you can give to your Pack is time valued! 

The adventure starts with Cub Scouting, a year-round family program designed for boys in the 1st through 5th grades, or 6 to 10 years of age. The program emphasizes shared leadership, learning about the community, family understanding, character development, citizenship training, and personal fitness.
Young boys grow up fast. Give your son a valuable gift by encouraging him to join Cub Scouting today. The time you invest in him today will make a difference in the person he becomes tomorrow.

We meet, as a pack, the third Monday of each month.

Parents--If you haven't yet been added as a member to this site for the private access, please contact Jody Barrette or your den leader.  

Pack Leaders

Cub master - Robert Parson                                    920-664-0882
Committee Chair - Jody Barrette                                             920-676-8154
Treasurer - Ryan Tipple                                  
Advancement and Awards-Eileen Webb
Den 1/8 Leader - Laura Walters                                 920-246-7096
Den 2 Leader - Lynette Keto

Den 6 Leaders - Chad/Jody Barrette/Trisha Paulson           920-676-8145
Den 4 Leader - Andy Hudak                                                                                                Pack Trainer/Den 7 Leader - Nicole Kane          
Den 9 Leader- Patti Dufek                                            507-413-2328
Popcorn Kernel - Trisha Paulson                       

Chartered Organization: Good Shepherd Church

Chartered Organization Representative:  Jessica Hudak    email: