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Boy Scout Troop 213
(Saddle Brook, New Jersey)
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Boy Scout Troop 213

Welcome to Boy Scout Troop 213 
Saddle Brook, NJ

Scouting is unlike anything your son has ever experienced before.  

Unlike school, organized sports, or perhaps even in the home setting, in a Boy Scout troop the
youth are the ones who are in charge.  THEIR desires become our agenda.  THEIR ideas for adventure, fun, and excitement are what the adults guide them to bring into reality.  In scouting, THEY speak and the adults listen. 

By practicing representative democracy, they pick their own leaders who form the "Patrol Leader Council," which  creates the monthly/yearly agenda.  Scouts work together on every issue, from what to eat at camp to deciding who will wash dishes and shop for food.  They learn to PRACTICE communication, public speaking, teamwork, conflict-resolution and leadership... all the skills they will need to excel in the "real world."

By taking advantage of any of the 136 (as of April 2015) possible merit badges,they gain exposure to areas of interest ranging from Rifle Shooting to Chemistry, from Small Boat Sailing to Aviation, and from Reading this Nuclear Science, and more.  Statistically, the Merit Badge program often leads to life-long hobbies and even career choices.  At a minimum, Merit Badges help a young man try things he may never have had a chance to do if not for the Scouting experience, such as rifle shooting, archery, sailing, or camping. 

While boys are busy "being Scouts" and having fun, they start to embody the virtues of Scouting defined in the Scout Oath and Law.

You are welcome to visit any of our Troop meetings which are held Tuesday nights at 7:30pm.

Helen I Smith School
Cambridge Avenue
Saddle Brook, NJ  07663 

Committee Chairman:  Tricia Regan

Scoutmaster:  James Anderson

Additional Info - Troop 213

Boy Scout Troop - Young Men ages 11-18




What day are meetings?

Meetings for Troop 213 are every week on Tuesday  Helen I. Smith School – Saddle Brook, NJ.


What time are the meetings?

Meetings start at 7:30pm and end at 9:00pm.


Where are the meetings held?

Meetings are held at Helen I. Smith School – Saddle Brook, NJ unless otherwise indicated by the scoutmaster or leader.


When are meetings not held?

Holidays or are when school is not in session. 



  •     Once a month
  •     Week Long Summer Camp



Contact Us:

To Join:  James Anderson at:


Chartered Organization – Kiwanis of Saddle Brook, NJ

Chartered Organization Representative – Frank Wojno

Troop Committee Chair – Tricia Regan

Scoutmaster – James Anderson

Treasurer – Alan Freifeld

Secretary – Monica Maniscalco

 Eagle Coordinator– Ed Ference

 Camping Coordinator – Bill Marchese

Religious Emblems Coordinator - Bill Marchese

Advancement Chairperson – Dan Caraballo



Tricia Regan



 James Anderson



Mark Collazo

Robert Collazo

Howard Dinger

Peter Gawin, Sr.

Rich Habick

Travis Habick

Helang Kravitz

Michael Kula

James Maniscalco

Bill Marchese

Bill Mulder

Michael Pallotta

Vinnie Pascarella

Sam Rivera

Michael Regan, Jr.

Jeremy Stanchfield




Carrie Anderson

Dan Caraballo

Alan Freifeld

Tomasz Gawel

Monica Mansicalco

Lillian Molnar

Dawn Pallotta

Francine Pascarella

Diana Pilz

Udo Pilz

Kathleen Shanahan

Rich Shanahan

Jennifer Skovran

Kim Ruck

Sheri Stanchfield


For More Information, please visit our site at


Northern New Jersey Council

Boy Scouts of America at: