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Cub Scout Pack 194
(Flemington, New Jersey)
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Calling all K - 5th grade boys!
Are you looking for adventure?

Pinewood Derby • Model Rockets • Camping • Hiking Merit Badges • Fishing • Skits • Museum Camp-ins

Sign up now to join us for our summer activities and get a FREE model rocket to build and launch!

For more information contact Todd Spidare at

* Entering grades K through 5 in fall of 2017 in any area grade school

Welcome to Pack 194!

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Dear Parents:

Between jobs and school, many families feel squeezed for time but don’t want to deny their children opportunities for new challenges and friendships.

That’s why Cub Scouting may be the perfect solution. It’s a family-centered program that will provide your son with a variety of exciting experiences and a whole lot of memories for the family to share.

Fun, family, friends -- these are the basic elements of the Cub Scout experience. Don’t let your family miss out!

These are just a few of the activities we do!

Pine Wood Derby
Rocket Day
Museum Camp In
Battleship Sleep Over
Recyclable Regatta
Family Picnic
Game Day Color Guard
Blue and Gold Dinner
Exploration and Discovery

And much, much more!