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Cub Scout Pack 175
(Carol Stream, Illinois)
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Cub Scout Pack 175 Bears

Welcome Bear Scouts - Pack 175!

As Bear Scouts, we will be using the Cub Scout Bear Handbook to learn, have fun, and work towards graduating from being Bears to Jr. Webelos.

As a parent of a Bear Scout, it is not only important that your son be actively involved in the process but a requirement that you as a parent are involved as well.  This will allow you to experience the adventures with your child and help him achieve his goals.

Throughout the Scouting year, we will be participating in 6 Required Adventures1 Elective Adventure, and additional activities with the Den and the Pack.

The 6 Required Adventures are as follows:
1.) Bear Claws
2.) Bear Necessities
3.) Fellowship and Duty to God
4.) Fur, Feathers, and Ferns
5.) Baloo the Builder
6.) Paws for Action (Duty to Country)

1 of the Elective Adventures from the Bear Handbook