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Great Work Troop 55!

Shout out to Troop 55! Great Work Scouts!

Here's an email sent in to the Newnan-Times Herald.

I'd like this passed on to whomever is in charge of this VERY worthwhile activity.
Saturday morning on Stonemount Ct., I took my "pick-up" stick and hurried to the street to get my two papers. The first one was the Times Herald, and my eyes read the article of the "Scouts Are Comin'!" I was actually looking forward to seenin' them this year and what they'd look like. I was in Scouting for about 10 or so years, all kinds of great tales came from those days. Our uniforms were head to toe Boy Scout Official "stuff". BUT hey, I'll take a great kid in a uniform shirt and blue jeans any day, at least their underwear wasn't showing, and their pants were at their navel. Ya know God put it where he did to give us a sign as to where to stop our pants.  AND their caps were on straight, the bill centered on their nose. That too, was created for a purpose, all relating to our cap positions.  The door bell rang. It didn't get lower and lower in a dreaded tone, as though the mother-law was there; but seemingly got brighter as it toned. I somehow,knew it was the Scouts.
"Food drive sir!" the tallest said, every bit of 4"2". His smaller strong arm was about 3'9".
"I'll need two sacks!" I replied.
"We'll wait!" the strong arm said (I say in utmost respect).
I took the one plastic bag and packed it to the point the handles would hardly meet. The "thank you, sir!" I got was worth more than the value of the food contents. It made my day.
A former old Scout!
Sid Brown

sent by: Kandice Bell

Business Reporter

The Newnan Times -Herald