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Scouting – A New Language?

Some Common Terms and Definitions

Council – This is the overarching group of our area, here in Michigan.  We are a part of the “Great Lakes Council”.  This is the arm patch you see on our Cub and leader’s uniforms.


District – there are 12 Districts with in the Great Lakes Council. Ottwawa is the district that we belong to.


Den – The way the boys in a pack are divided into their appropriate age groups.  For example: 1st graders are classified as Tigers, and have their own Tiger den.  2nd graders are classified as Wolves, 3rd graders as Bears, 4th graders are Webelos I, and 5th graders are Webelos II.  All these dens together form the Pack.


Pack – A group of boys and adult leaders who are registered as Cub Scouts – boys 1st through 5th grade. Our pack is 36.  The pack is made up of smaller groups called dens.


Troop – A group of boys and adult leaders who are registered as Boy Scouts – boys 6th grade or older.


Crew - A group of boys and adult leaders who are registered as Crew Scouts – this is a high adventure organization for boys and girls 6th grade or older.


Uniform – There is a standard “Class A” uniform that each boy will wear according to which rank he is.  Our “Class A” uniform consists of a shirt, tie slide, and neckerchief.  Optional items are hat, belt, and pants/shorts.  Class A uniforms are to be worn to all pack meetings and all pack activities (unless noted).  “Class B” uniform is a pack T shirt that can be worn in place of the “Class A” uniform. 


Parents Meetings – Anyone can be a part of this!  Parents and Leaders.  This is place where we can all share and brainstorm to plan out a great program for the boys.  Please see event calendar for scheduled meetings.

Pinewood Derby – This is a classic annual scouting event.  It’s a pretty big deal.  The boys will receive a block of pinewood in a little kit.  Then the cubs can create their own car to race against their peers at the annual Pinewood Derby Race ! We award places and it’s fun for all.  The winner in each den will race off for an over all pack winner.  They can also go on to compete in the district pinewood derby race off.  Our pinewood derby race is held in February.


Raingutter Regatta – This is a race where the scouts can create their own ship or boat from a balsawood kit and race against their peers.  They utilize the power of their lungs and blow their boat from one end to the other.

Space Derby – This is a race where the cubs race against their peers.  They have been given a kit to create a space rocket where the only limits are their imagination.  The rockets are equipped with rubber bands that are wound up to make them go.  


Blue and Gold Banquet – This is the birthday dinner for the Cub Scout Program.  It is held in February, the anniversary month for the Boy Scouts of America.  The BSA was organized in February 1910.  This is the time when most scouts earn their badge of rank i.e. Tiger, Wolf, Bear, etc.  The pack’s big event gets its name from the Cub Scout colors.  Blue and Gold banquets are held throughout the months of February and March.


Day Camp – A time when scouts can enjoy special activities geared toward their age group. During camp boys may be challenged with archery, field sports, swimming, leatherwork, crafts, etc.  Winter camp is usually held over the holiday break and various camps are offered during the summer.  If your scout would like to attend camp and you cannot afford it, scholarships are available through council.

Program Helps – This is a guide for the Leaders in our pack.  It is very helpful and spells out potential den meeting ideas

Den Chief – These are boys from an area Boy Scout troop.  Their role is to assist in a Cub Scout den with various activities, such as gathering activities and games or crafts.  Not every den has a Den Chief.

Denner/Asst Denner – a boy within his own den fills these roles.  He may take role call or handle various other tasks that the den leader assigns.  He gets to wear the gold Denner Cord on his shoulder as part of his uniform for his term (usually one month).  Not all dens have a denner.

Den Doodles – Not every den will participate in this, but it is a way for dens to keep track of who is keeping up on their requirements (accomplishments) in a positive reinforcement sort of way.  For example: Each boy may have a string on the den doodle and each time he is on time for a meeting, he may earn a bead to be placed on the den doodle.  Each time he has completed a part of a requirement, he may earn a bead for the den doodle.

Roundtable – This is a monthly meeting where leaders can get a lot of fun and interesting ideas about having an exciting program for scouts.  It meets at the Walled Lake Church of Christ 2nd Thursday of the month at 7 pm.

Quality Unit – A pack, troop, or crew that has met certain qualifications set by  BSA and/or Council upon rechartering.  There is a form to complete that explains the criteria.  We strive to meet these requirements every year.

Pack Meeting – Scouts along with their parents meet once a month for fun activities and the presentation of awards that have been earned during the month.

Rank – this is what each scout is working towards meeting.  For example: As a Tiger each scout is working to complete the requirements outlined in his Tiger book to make the rank of Tiger, the same applies to the Wolf, Bear, and Webelos.  We strive to have each scout make rank by the Blue and Gold.  Boys are encouraged to but not required to make rank in order to move to the next level of scouting.

Graduation – the time when each scout moves from one level of scout to the next – our scouts graduate in May.  For example in May – 1st grade boys graduate from Tiger to Wolf, 2nd grade boys graduate from Wolves to Bears, etc. If boys have not made rank at this time, they actually have until August pack meeting to complete their requirements for a specific rank.

Belt Loops and Pins – This is a program sanctioned by the BSA.  The boys are able to work on certain areas of interest to earn a belt loop, (which is a metal slide that they wear on their belts) and/or a pin in the same of a different category.  Some examples are Computer, Soccer, and Language.  The belt loops are easier to earn than the pins, which require more effort.  Your den leader will have specifics on earning these.  You can find belt loops and pins that the boys can earn along with the requirements on line at  Unless earned at camp, these advancements are paid for by the parents and not the pack.  They will be awarded at a pack meeting.

Arrow Points – Earned by Wolves and Bears after making rank.  The scouts must complete 10 electives from the back of their book for each arrow point earned.   A gold arrow point is earned after completing 10 elective requirements.  After earning a gold arrow point, scouts can earn a silver arrow point for each additional 10 elective requirements completed.

Arrow of Light – Cub Scouting’s highest award.  Earned as a second year Webelos.  It is the only Cub Scout badge that can be worn on the Boy Scout Uniform. 

Popcorn Show and Sell – Leaders and Scouts setup in front of a store with popcorn items to sell.  The major fund raiser we do every year.  All scouts are required to participate in this portion of the popcorn sale.

Popcorn Take orders (Door to Door Sales) – Scouts accompanied by Leaders and/or Adults go door to door selling popcorn.  They might have the popcorn (with the exception of chocolate items) with them at the time so the customers get the popcorn at the time of sale and the scouts do not have to return with the product.  Scouts can opt out of this portion of the popcorn sale.  For more information, contact the popcorn chair.

Summertime Pack Award – An award that the pack can earn by having pack activities in June, July, and August.

Recharter – Annually, each Boy Scout unit must register by reporting all members and paying the fees for these members. We recharter in December – thus our year runs December – November.

Conservation Award – An international award that scouts can earn.  Requirements are based on rank and are listed in Wolf, Bear, and Webelos books.  This award can only be earned once while a Cub Scout.

BSA Family Program – a series of activities designed to help strengthen all families –weather two-parent, single parent, or nontraditional families.  All family members are encouraged to participate and earn the BSA Family Award.  This is an activity your family can participate in on your own.  See your den leader if you are interested in this program.

Leave No Trace Award – This is a plan that helps scouts to be more concerned about their environment.  It helps them protect it for future generations.  Requirements are based on rank and are listed in Wolf, Bear, and Webelos books.