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How Cub Scouting Works




                Scouting is Family Oriented

                     Activities are intended for the whole family

                        You work with your son on his advancement award requirements

                        Many skills he will learn are family oriented


                The Cub Scout Den

                      Your son is a member of a Cub Scout Den

                                     The den meets about once per week

                         The den is lead by a den leader (usually a parent)

                                     The den leader usually has and assistant den leader, a den chief (Boy Scout helper),

                                  and a denner (a Cub Scout elected by den members)

                                     Den meetings have games, crafts, songs, ceremonies, and lots of fun


                The Cub Scout Pack

                                    Your son is a member of a Cub Scout Pack

                          A pack meets once a month that all Cub Scout families attend

                                      The pack meeting is led by the Cubmaster, who is a volunteer

                                      The pack meeting is the highlight of the month’s den meetings and activities


                The Pack Meeting

                                    The pack is run by a committee of parents, who are all volunteers

                                      The pack committee is made up of all den leaders, the Cubmaster, and parents

                                      The pack committee is lead by a chairperson, who is a volunteer

                                      The committee plans den and pack meetings around a monthly theme

                                      The committee selects leaders, performs record keeping, manages finances, finds

                                                meeting places, orders badges, maintains pack equipment, helps train leaders,

                `                               and recognizes leaders


                The Charter Organization

                                    The pack is “owned” by the charter partner.  Usually it is a school, parent association,

                                       religious organization, service club, or other organization interested in helping

                                       youth.  The charter organization approves leaders, provides a meeting place, and

                                       operates the pack within their own guidelines and the guidelines of the Boy Scouts

                                       of America.  The charter organization selects a representative to serve as liaison

                                       between the pack and the organization.




The Advancement Plan


                The responsibility for a boy’s advancement in Cub Scouting lies with the family and not

                the pack.  Some advancement requirements are done at den meetings, but most are

                completed at home with the family.



 All boys, regardless of age, earn the Bobcat badge first by learning the Cub Scout 

 Promise, Law of the Pack, handshake, salute, sign, motto, and the meaning of

 “Webelos”.  After receiving the Bobcat Badge, the boys work on the requirements

 based on their grade level.

Tiger Cub

Boys in 1st grade are part of the Tiger Cub program. They work closely with their

adult partner to accomplish activities in their handbook. Recognition is immediate

Beads are presented at the den meetings and are worn on a totem. After completing

all 15 parts of the 5 achievements, the Tiger Cub has earned his Tiger Cub badge.


A Cub Scout who has completed 1st grade (or is age 8) works on twelve achievements

to earn the Wolf badge. After he earns his Wolf badge, a boy may work on electives

in different interest areas until he is old enough to begin work on the next rank. For

every 10 electives he completes, the boy earns an Arrow Point. The boy may earn

as many Arrow Points as he wishes.


A Cub Scout who has completed 2nd grade (or is age 9) works to complete 12 of 24

Achievements to earn the Bear badge. After he earns his Bear badge, a boy may

work on electives in different interest areas until he is old enough to begin work on

the next rank. For every 10 electives he completes, the boy earns an Arrow Point.

The boy may earn as many Arrow Points as he wishes.


When a Cub Scout has completed the 3rd grade (or is age 10) he joins a Webelos

den, led by an adult Webelos leader. The boy works on requirements for the

Webelos badge, 20 activity badges, and the Arrow of Light award. The Arrow of

Light award is the highest award in Cub Scouting.

Camping and outdoor programs are an important part of the 18 month Webelos

program. In February of a Webelos Scout’s 5th grade year, he graduates from

Cub Scouting into the adventure of Boy Scouting at an impressive graduation

ceremony. Every boy deserves an opportunity to be a Boy Scout.


Special Cub Scout Highlites


Pinewood Derby

Parent and son work together to build a gravity-powered miniature racecar from a special kit.

Most packs conduct races annually.


Blue and Gold Banquet

        This Banquet honors the Webelos II group as they 'bridge' into Boy Scouts.


Scouting For Food

Food Drive held each year to benefit local food pantries. It’s part of a nation-wide program

of the Boy Scouts of America to help feed the hungry.


Cub/Parent Weekend Camp

It’s a weekend camping experience for Cubs,

accompanied by an adult or partner. Special activities

include BB Guns, Archery, and crafts.

Cub Scout Day Camp

An exciting summer activity that includes crafts, games, nature, sports, BB guns, archery,

and lots of FUN! Camps are held throughout the council and run for 4 days.


Webelos Resident Camp

For Webelos, there is a 3- night, 4 day camping experience. Special activities include:

Swimming, boating, archery, BB guns, and campfire programs. TONS OF FUN!


Boys’ Life Magazine

It is the official magazine for boys and adults. Boys’ Life has interesting features on

Scouting, sports, hobbies, magic, science, and US History. There are also jokes, comics

and short stories. Special subscription rate for all Cubs and Scouts is $12.00 per year.